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      At ON-TEK Electric, our business is based on one philosophy - “partnership”.     We are partners with our clients and general contractors to deliver safe, effective  and efficient projects. We are partners with our supply chain to work together to procure cost effective, environmentally sensitive products in a timely and efficient manner.  Most of all, we are partners with our employees, to provide a safe, inclusive, respectful and productive environment for all. 


We are an Electrical Services Company specializing in Traffic signalization, Municipal lighting, Loop sensor installation and repair, Parking lot lighting, Duct bank installation, Manhole construction and reconstruction, Directional drilling and other Electrical services.

We believe in a customer driven/ solution-based model in how we approach projects and our business. Instead of a lengthy and expensive process, we deliver safe and efficient on-site  solutions for those little headaches that arise with every project.


With our Solutions Now approach, we are dedicated to creating a team that will deliver on all your projects needs and expectations. With years of experience and many different approaches; we find the best solution on-site to get your projects done on time and on budget

Our main focus is to create a safe site for both our workers and the surrounding community. All our employees are fully trained and practice workplace safety as it is our #1 goal to create the most safe and efficient work site possible.



We will never compromise the safety of our employees and the surrounding community. We hold safety in the highest regard, and we plan our jobs based on keeping our employees and the surrounding community safe.



No two jobs are the same and we at ON-TEK thrive at coming up with solutions and options for all types of jobs. Together we find the solution that best fits the wants and needs of our customers.



We believe in a process and product that caters to our customers’ needs instead of ordering electrical services off a menu. We find the best way to deliver above and beyond our customers’ expectations.



Quality control is the backbone of customer satisfaction. To ensure that every work site and task gets completed to the highest  standard, a robust quality control program must be in place. Our program is the reason ON-TEK stands out in the industry as a leader.

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