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Founded in 2020 with a vision to create an efficient, customer driven electrical services company that delivers the customer service of a small family-owned business, while providing our customers with the range and resources you would receive from an industry giant.

As we continue to grow our goal is to hold onto our customer driven business model. At ON-TEK our customers get the attention they want with the insight and expertise they need. Our mission is to integrate customer service with large-scale operation. Our staff is driven, knowledgeable and personable; making us ideal for any government agency, municipality or general contractor and developer to work with. 

We thrive on creating an honest, informative and efficient process so that our customers get all our attention, information and expertise. Together we find our best solutions for all your electrical service needs. We hire intelligent and capable individuals who all excel in an environment where problem-solving and forward-thinking is an unmatched asset.

All our employees receive the proper training and instruction on how to conduct themselves in the most safe and efficient ways possible. We regard safety as our highest priority and no matter what job we are on; we always set our jobsites up in both a safe and professional manner.                     

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 From our inception, we have prided ourselves in creating an atmosphere that is inclusive and forward thinking both in and outside of the office. Our Employees are professional and courteous in how they act and how they work while on and off the clock.

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